Gravitating towards water

Growing up on Long Island, it’s in most people’s nature to gravitate towards water, whether it’s going to the beach for the day or buying a shore front home. But as many of us “Long Islanders” know, living by the water can be just as stressful as it is peaceful; especially when it comes to what kind of water damage is covered under your insurance policy.

Most homeowners and renters don’t always realize that there is a difference between “rising” water and threats from above in the insurance industry. Standard home and renters insurance policies commonly cover water that seeps in from above, like rain damage. These policies also cover issues like heavy rain seeping through your roof and pipes that have burst. In comparison with an issue like water that rises from bottom up, or flood water, a standard policy isn’t enough. Because of this, those who live by the water or in low-lying areas will need to acquire separate flood insurance.

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