Hey Long Island Drivers, Do You Know Why Teens Crash?

As we all have been told before, teens are more likely to have an accident than more experienced drivers. It’s even reflected in state laws that restrict their driving privileges…and their higher insurance rates.

The journal Accident Analysis and Prevention published an article in 2011 that was performed by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm. This article compared and contrasted 800 vehicle accidents caused y teen/young drivers. What they found displays that these teen crashes usually aren’t caused by emotional aggressive driving or “thrill seeking”; Instead most of these accidents are blamed on a mixture of inexperience and immature risk-assesment ability.

Some examples were…

  • Failure to scan. According to the study, the habit of scanning the road visually for potential danger in all directions doesn’t usually happen until after several months of driving. Teen drivers mainly focus in the direction they are driving in, whereas more experience drivers look to each side and far ahead.
  • Driving too fast. This includes ‘whipping around corners’ at high speeds and subsequently losing control of the vehicle, as well as taking into consideration weather or poorly paved roads.
  • DISTRACTIONS. This accounted for 20% of crashes in this study. These include, but are not limited to cellphone, other drivers, food, distractions outside the vehicle (such as the scene of an accident).

When it comes to the insurance side, because teens are more likely to be in an accident, their rates are usually about four times higher than that of older drivers. Therefore, insurance companies charged young inexperienced drivers (aka teen drivers) higher premiums to cover their “share” of the damages.


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