VRP Insurance wants to discuss road rage

Use your blinker!! Every driver is guilty of acts that are considered a lapse in judgement. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Your mood can impact on your driving. Most feel the stress of the day before even entering your car in the morning. Perhaps you woke up late, had trouble getting the kids moving, couldn’t find your keys, etc. Being stressed can distract you! Who admits to having a lapse in judgement one of the following:

-Make a quick left turn in front of on coming traffic

-Tailgating (following too close) -Applying makeup or eating while driving

-Cruising through intersection during a red light

-Talking on your cell phone or worse…texting!

We are all victim to at least one of these. Although this is poor driving and causes accidents, it can also lead to road rage. Road rage means driving a motor vehicle involving aggressive or violent behavior. There has been an increase in traffic accidents and deaths due to road rage.

Stay calm behind the wheel

You slow down at a yellow light, and come to a complete stop on red. You look in your rearview mirror to see the driver behind you (just about on your bumper) with his arms in the air yelling in his car. The light turns green and he speeds in front of your car cutting you off. Instinct is to give it back to him. However take a deep breath and recognize that the driver most likely is someone who is normally a good driver and just had a poor lapse of judgement. It is also wise for your safety and others on the road to not act on it, but to remain clam and focus on your drive.

Being late, traffic, poor weather, potholes, nervous drivers etc. are all dangers on the road that can easily trigger road rage. Be alert of drivers around you and if someone makes a poor decision whether they are a good or bad driver do not confront them. The important thing is to avoid further confrontation and remain calm. Cool headed drivers make better decisions. They have a better chance of minimizing or avoiding accidents. Higher likelihood of serious injury and even legal consequences come with road rage.

Driving is difficult enough without making matters worse with aggressive behavior. The most important thing is to arrive at your destination safely. So slow down, stay calm, think safety.

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