VRP wants to discuss the hazards of candles

VRP Insurance wants to discuss hazards of candles in your home Fall has begun and the soft glow of candles are in most homes. Unfortunately this soothing decoration can pose a danger and could result in a homeowners loss. Some problems that may arise are:

-Increase in fire losses -damage caused to curtains, carpets, furniture, walls etc.

-Soot damage to your personal belongings and home

At one time candles were the main source of light inside homes. Why is it such an issue now? In the past few years there has been such a growth in the popularity and sales of candles. They are used for deodorizing your home, decoration and most recently aromatherapy. Most are not aware that candle companies add oils to the candle wax mixture to intensify the scent. The oil often causes the candle to burn improperly and creates a larger amount of soot. Soot is a carbon residue produced by burning. This can cause damage to walls, carpets, curtains, etc. Soot contaminates homes and unfortunately is not was easy to clean. It can cause damage and contaminate electronics and even your heating system. Depending on the severity of the damage, professionals may need to be called upon for the clean up.

Fire loss

It is extremely important to never leave a candle unattended while burning. Be sure to display the candle away from cabinets, window treatments and other flammable objects in your home. Keep the candles out of reach of children and pets to avoid safety issues as well. Homeowners Coverage Like any loss fire damage is a serious problem for an insured as well as the insurer. Soot damage alone can create thousands in damage. Depending on your homeowners policy, there many not be coverage for this type of loss. There are many types of chemicals in most candles. An insurer could potentially deny a claim and consider it pollution (which is excluded in most policies) because of loss caused by the reaction to the chemicals. Homeowners is based on sudden & accidental losses. Loss from a candle other than fire could be difficult to prove that the loss was sudden.

VRP wants you to consider all of these when using candles: Safety first and potential damage it can cause. Think about that reasonable measures that can be taken to avoid such losses. Discuss with your broker coverages available to you under your policy.

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