Helpful clean up advise for our marinas


Helpful clean-up advise. Understandably Marina owners are eager to clean up, but it’s critical to do so in a way that doesn’t have you assume the liability for a customer’s boat.
1. First, notify the boat owner’s who’s boats have been damaged to notify their insurance carriers and have them contact the facility to make arrangements ASAP.
2. The facility should wait until they hear back from the boat owner’s insurance company who will give them permission to move the boat, either before or after they have the chance to inspect. This may not always be practical because you may need to move some boats to make the environment safe for access to the facility. Unauthorized movement of vessels should be kept to only those that MUST be moved without permission by the vessel owner or their carrier.
3. The facility may need to negotiate with the insurance company a fair and reasonable rate for storage and transport charges if they want you to tran…
sport the vessel. They may tell the facility NOT to move the boat and they’ll contract with a third party to come in and haul all of their boats offsite.
4. IF an insurance carrier hires an outside contractor to move the boats off the insured’s property, be sure to require the contractor to name you as additional insured on their policies for the work they’re performing in the your yard.
Please note if a facility begins moving boats without permission from the boat owners or their insurer you may be assuming liability for doing so. Further, the expense for the insured to move the vessels is not recoverable under their insurance, so you’r best served to await permission from the boat owner or their insurance company for this to be a billable expense.I hope this information is helpful. This is a historic challenge to our community and VRP Insurance is here to help whether you are an insured of ours or just need some friendly advice. Please don’t hesitate to call. Let’s get busy and rebuild our marine community.

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