VRP Insurance Wants to Discuss Mold

Mold-free is the way homes should be.  Having a cozy, warm and dry home is an important concern for homeowners.  There is an explanation behind why homes need to be kept dry from moisture and toxic free.  There are all different forms of mold, however in many homes there is a certain kind that continues to be an issue, called Stachybotrys (pronounced stakki-botris).  Those who suffer from black mold infestation make an attempt at receiving insurance coverage.

All different types of mold are found inside a home, growing on nearly any type of damp or wet surface, such as on the exterior of the home or in the basement or bathroom.  Mold needs moisture, oxygen, and a food source in order to grow. Besides mold’s ability to physically damage a home (staining, decolorizing, deterioration), the smallest amount of mold can become airborne, causing health problems in people.  This damage can be anywhere small from itchy eyes to respiratory problems such as asthma and lung damage.  Research done in 2004 by the Institute of Medicine reported that even in the healthiest person, the presence of mold can affect their respiratory health.

Most insurance policies out there are designed to handle accidental causes of loss and not home maintenance issues. Claims are more likely to be rejected if the mold is caused by poor or neglected home maintenance. However, there was a court case involving a family in Texas who was awarded several million dollars because its insurer allegedly mishandled a loss, creating a condition that allowed the growth and spread of toxic mold.

Prevention of such a concern would be the best course of action, rather than being concerned with the denial of insurance coverage. Here are several tips on mold prevention:

  • Inspect the exterior and interior of your home, looking for indications of moisture.
  • Properly ventilate your home, keeping fresh air circulating and minimizing the amount of humidity.
  • Act quickly on any conditions that could cause moisture build-up such as condensation, plumbing, leaky roofs, leaking appliances, etc.

Keep on top of home maintenance, and avoid a moldy issue.

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