VRP Insurance Wants to Discuss the Common Sense Host

Every person will attend or host some type of celebration in a private home for the holidays or other special events in their lifetime.  Gatherings like these bring together family and friends from all over.  For a perfect gathering, party hosts expect conversations, food, fun and spirits to be flowing.  However, the common sense host will put even more thought into how they will prevent any dangerous injuries and accidents from occurring.  We should all know by now that increased drinking leads to increased personal tragedies, however it is important to be reminded about these issues.

Party-givers are focused on the enjoyment their guests will experience at their party, and it can be easy to forget to take certain precautions to protect yourself when it comes to hosting a party.  Homeowners fail to realize that they can be sued for contributing losses caused by damage or injury on the way home from the gathering.  It is important for them to know that they are fully responsible to any consequence a guest could possibly face.  The responsibility has to be faced by the individuals who directly cause a loss. There would have to be adequate, strong evidence to support a host being held financially responsible, since any involvement is indirect. For example, Mary provides drinks to Sue, who then plows into the side of Chris’ car and garage.

A homeowners policy may offer coverage if a host has contributed to a loss against someone injured at their home.  If so, an insurer may be able to deny a claim for a number of reasons:

  • Local or state law(s) related to providing alcohol
  • The host is making an income off of their gathering or the party is being held for a fundraising event
  • The host has knowledge that their guest was impaired and continued to serve that person drinks
  • The engagement of paid bartenders
  • Failure to make arrangements if guests are impaired (asking unimpaired guests to act as designated drivers, call a taxi, or suggest a place to stay over.)

The responsible party host holds a social event rather than an event where they are making business off of their guests, and that the chances of sending drunken guests on the road are slim to none.  A great host will make sure that the supply of alcohol is under his or her control and that their impaired guests are prevented from endangering themselves or others.

There is no such thing as a fun celebration if it ends up as a lawsuit!  Protect yourself with homeowners insurance today.


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