VRP wants to discuss dryer fire prevention

One of the most common household appliances that cause fires are washers and dryers.  Yes, they are extremely handy and have made it quite easy for us to clean and dry our linen and clothes for many decades now, however, they can be dangerous and can result in serious loss.

In a recent federal agency report by the United States Fire Administration (USFA), fires caused by laundry dryers result in losses of $35 million each and every year, nationwide. According to the report, losses due to dryers frequently occur in residences during times of cooler temperatures. Most fires remain in the dryer itself however, they can easily spread throughout other parts of an apartment or home.

According to the USFA report, more than a third of dryer fire losses occur because of insufficient dryer maintenance and improper use. Homeowners can easily avoid and control losses due to a dryer. To prevent or minimize dryer fires one must:

·Fully clean out lint traps regularly before using the dryer

·Avoid putting items in a dryer which are more prone to igniting such as items containing foam (lined drapes, athletic shoes, bathroom rugs)

·Regularly and thoroughly clean out dryer vents to keep them free of accumulating lint, bird, or rodent nests

·Do not overload dryers since fires happen frequently due to restricted air flow and higher heat build-up

·Make sure the dryer vent pipe is properly installed and is free of kinks to avoid restricted air flow and heat build up

Please be smart and follow these simple few safety steps to avoid a potentially serious fire!

Watch this NBC video from 2008 for further input–

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