Do you have a personal emergency preparedness plan (PEP)?

Courtesy American Red Cross, 25 May. 2011.

Are you aware of the headlines and reports after the event of a natural disaster or large accident? During these situations, there are always reports of people at lost for what to do and in search for any help they can get. Very often, there is little an individual can do to control these types of situations. For this reason, there is a simple philosophy and that is the personal emergency preparedness plan (PEP), aka Family Disaster Plan.

A PEP is a plan of action that individuals and families come up with in preparation for the possible event of a natural disaster (earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires, extreme heat, etc.) or a severe accident (home fire, structural collapse, utility line, etc.). Taking preparedness actions can help people effectively deal with disasters of all sorts.

PEP’s should contain the following:

  • Safe areas and safety rules during an emergency
  • Escape routes from every room (at least two)
  • An immediate safe meeting place outside the home, or a neighborhood location
  • What to take with you should you need to evacuate (medicines, first aid kit, flashlight, radio, batteries, etc.)
  • Making sure everyone’s safe and not injured– have a first aid kid available and other emergency supplies
  • Have ways in which you can contact other family members and loved ones – have access to working phones, emergency numbers, train children on how and when to make emergency calls – make an emergency contact list of family members and other contacts such as work or school numbers

Families should make sure they have proper insurance, adequate first aid kits available as well as first aid training. Individuals should be aware of the nearest emergency facilities and there areas emergency plans and procedures.

Above is a guide to help you consider an actual emergency preparedness plan.  Please be sure to seek out other appropriate sources for information on creating a PEP for you and your loved ones!

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