Sinkholes in New York?

The possibility of a sinkhole occurring in New York is unlikely. Recently however, there have been sinkhole occurrences near Tampa, Florida. It would be smart for us to start thinking about the possibility of one happening in the New York/Long Island region as well. If there is a possibility of  a sinkhole occurrence, we should also be asking ourselves what insurance would cover it?

Florida is the state where sinkholes are a common feature of its landscape due to the bed of limestone that it sits on. Limestone is a soluble and porous rock composited of sand, clay, and soil that tends to decay from acidity in water. While New York does not have this issue, it would be difficult for us to say that we can experience a sinkhole. Many disasters that do happen are unpredictable, and just like any other natural disaster, it is necessary to have proper insurance that will cover for any losses that may occur.  Sinkholes are a major threat to your family, personal property items, as well as your home as the ground collapses, taking trees, houses, and lives with it.

Did you know?

Did you know that earth movement is excluded under a homeowners policy? The exclusion may apply to earthquakes and all other forms of ‘earth movement’ such as the following:

  • earthquake
  • landslide, mudslide or mudflow
  • subsidence or sinkhole
  • any other earth movement including earth sinking, rising, or shifting

If a sinkhole was to occur on your property, in order to be covered, you have the option to purchase additional coverage. The additional coverage option will cover you in the event that the collapse of your property results from the action of water on limestone or similar rock formations.

You may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t need coverage, a sinkhole will never occur on my property.” The best advice for you is that it’s better to be safe than sorry! The earth is unpredictable with events and natural disasters that can occur and if a sinkhole does occur, it will be a disaster. This is why having that additional coverage is important, because it will help reimburse you for any loss and make all the difference!

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