Contractors or Cons?

Let’s say that your home has been destroyed by a storm, flood, fire, or other catastrophe. You have been running around trying to get your life back on track. What will be the next step you take? What will be your final decision?

After any situation involving loss, life becomes pretty hectic and emotional.  At this point in time, a major concern for people is getting their home repaired or rebuilt. Most of the time, this job is done through a contractor. Contractors can make your life much more difficult than easy, hence the “CON” in contractors.

Our advice to you is to slow down and make sure you are making the right decision before proceeding to any final financial commitment. You may be in a hurry to restore your loss, however, it is critically important to avoid people who appear on your damaged front step offering to reconstruct your home. When handling serious losses, it is important to take precautions in order to avoid making a bigger issue!

Read through the following precautions.

  • Pay attention to any feelings you get when you initiate contact with a contractor (your initial instinct is usually always right!)
  • Never pay any money “up front.” A respected contractor allays works according to written agreement, such as payment, labor and other details
  • Contact more than one contractor to receive different estimates before you choose
  • Make sure that the contractor you choose is able to show proof that they are insured
  • Check references and ask for evidence of how long the contractor has been in business
  • Check for reviews and complaints (if any)
  • Ignore any pressure into making an immediate financial commitment

When experiencing a time like this, make sure to keep in touch with an insurance profession. They are committed to providing you genuine help.

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