Keep the Luck in St. Patrick’s Day

As you all already know, St. Patrick’s Day is in just a few days…Sunday, March 17th.  This is one of the heaviest drinking holidays of the year. The beer will be flowing as freely as water and binge drinking becomes a pastime which will leave all drinkers impaired. Expect the roads to have a higher number of dangerous drivers.

One thing that you need to keep in the back of your mind is that “buzzed driving is drunk driving.” Drunk driving is a deadly situation and is against the law. Especially on this holiday, law enforcement officials are out in full force. Police show zero tolerance for this type of act and if caught you can end up in prison and the legal fraction will be on your permanent record.

By taking the necessary precautions, one can lighten their chances of a St. Patty’s Day accident.

  • If you plan on drinking alcohol, be responsible and designate a sober driver before the partying begins.
  • If you are hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party, remember that you can be held liable and prosecuted if someone leaves and is involved in a car accident. Also, make sure all of your guests have a sober driver in advance or help make arrangements for them. It is also important to keep phone numbers for local cab companies and take the keys away from anyone who is thinking of drunk driving.
  • If you plan on attending a St. Patrick’s Day party, make sure you have a designated driver before the party begins and if you do not, ask a sober friend for the ride home or call a friend or family member to pick you up or just stay where you are and sleep until you the alcohol is out of your system.
  • Never leave a friend unattended if you think that they may drive drunk.
  • Always buckle up!!

During such a celebration there is a high risk of increased auto insurance claims as well as injuries, fatalities, and prison.  Once your insurance provider finds out about a car accident, which they will, expect a painful increase in your auto insurance rates. If possible, you may want to limit your driving. This may be your best protection!

Remember that when you drive impaired not only will you be held accountable for DWI arrest, but potential injuries or fatalities may occur, not only to the impaired driver but to the public in general.   Please make wise choices and don’t let a “lucky” holiday turn into bad luck.

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