Commercial vehicles and cellular distraction

Businesses that deal with road transportation are highly concerned with minimizing the amount of accidents that occur on the road. Vehicle accidents create loss of business property, interrupt work, damage private property, as well as cause critical damage to the public, creating injuries and fatalities.  It is highly important that people behind the wheel operating a vehicle do so safely!

Some of the main sources of distracted driving arise from conversations with a passenger, eating, drinking, or smoking, focusing on activities on the roadway while driving, attempting pre-work activities such as combing hair and applying make up, and reading directions on a GPS or map. Pretty much any activity that can take a drivers focus off the road way is considered a driving distraction. Among all, one of the most dangerous distraction is the use of cell phones/smart phones. To use these devices requires the act of pushing buttons and focusing attention on a call or text rather than the road. This increase the chance of an accident. The situation can be even worse when vehicle accidents involve large, COMMERCIAL vehicles.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced a new possible regulation to, hopefully, increase driving safety. As of 2012, those who operate a vehicle that is qualified as a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is prohibited from using hand-held cell phones. Now, how many of you are still seeing truck drivers and other commercial vehicle operators on their cellphones? Commercial vehicles are essentially large and exceed 26,000 lbs plus cargo weight. Buses are capable of transporting at least 16 persons or are used to transport hazardous materials. Due to the a high percentage of relate accidents, drivers of such vehicles will soon be prohibited from hand-held cell phone use while driving.

Both drivers and employers are subject to significant fines in the case of violation of this new regulation. Employers who permit driver cell phone use are subject to a fine close or up to $11,000. Individual drivers who are guilty of two or more violations may be subject to a suspension of his or her Commercial Drivers License! To sum it up briefly, follow rules and regulations, drive safely with caution, and everything will be A-OK!

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