Liability issues can arise from entertainment

In every town or city, big or small, there is always some type of nightlife scene. Nightlife events become filled to capacity with people, gathering to eat, drink, and be entertained by live bands, DJs or karaoke. There are many performers who provide these services do so as their business, however, the vast majority do not. Usually, performers do nightlife performances as a hobby and as an opportunity to get their name out there. This can create major problems.

Performing for the public as a DJ, band member, or karaoke emcee requires a lot of interaction with the venue customers. It involves mingling with audiences, moving around equipment and instruments, inviting and working with people, using podiums and stages, weaving among diners, drinkers and dancers, is also usually part of their job. Dealing with intoxicated people who have reduced judgment is also very typical. These situations can create a situation where a performer needs to take liability issues into consideration. They may be responsible for injuring others or for damaging the property of others as well.  Significant investment is also put into their equipment and instruments. Such performers make use of the following equipment:

– Electronic amplifying equipment, microphones, speakers, stands

– Electronic sound recording and reproducing equipment (including digital and computer)

– Electronic and acoustic instruments

– Lighting equipment and accessories

All of the property listed is subject to serious coverage limitation under a typical residential policy. A policy must be modified to include the items listed in order to get special coverage. This may involve getting documentation and appraisals to establish coverage amounts. To secure property coverage, it may involve a simple attachment of a form to their homeowners or rental policy, buying a separate inland marine policy, or arranging for separate business coverage.

Performers also face the possibility of a loss involving legal liability to other persons and loss to their own property. Performers are also typically homeowners and renters and often are policyholders of homeowners or renters insurance. Some people are unaware special insurance needs that they may have. This should be addressed in order to avoid a big problem.

Such performers should look into the different types of losses they may face and arrange for proper coverage. They also need to be aware that it can be a big mistake to assume that their basic residential liability and property coverage may handle losses on the job. This is not the case.

If you are an entertainer, consider scheduling to get advice from an insurance professional to make sure your performance act is protected!!

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