Are you guilty of road rage behind the wheel?

An individuals daily emotions can have a huge impact on their driving. The morning before you get into your car can be stressful. First you have to wake up and deal with morning stress, maybe rush your kids to get to school, and then worry about work and whether or not you are going to get there on time.  On top of this, you begin your commute on the road with an array of dangerous drivers. At some point everyday, you are on the road with drivers who:

  • cruise through intersections during a red light
  •  make quick left turns in front of oncoming traffic
  • swerve through lanes in the matter of a length of two blocks
  • tail-gate so closely that they threaten to slam into the near bumper
  • ignore the changing light in order to adjust mascara, shave, eat or comb
  • pay more attention to their cell-phone and text message conversations

A significant amount of drivers do not know how to use patience. Being emotional while driving can trigger a dangerous situation and/or response. Road rage is incidents involving aggression or violent behavior while driving. There have been an increased amount of traffic accidents and fatalities during road rage.

Every single driver has been guilty of some level of road rage.  Here’s the perfect scenario. You are kind and let someone go in front of you, and that driver may be considerate in response. However, if you cut someone off , that person may react very aggressively, and this could escalate to road rage.  Some guilty acts may be because of lapsed judgement. One may normally make proper lane changes or legally proceed through an intersection. But during those times when there is a mistake
made, the other driver who witnesses it can assume that the person is an unskilled driver or that they are doing something intentionally.

If you are developing road rage, the key is to take a deep breath behind the wheel and recognize that the driver who has done something idiotic is normally a decent driver. Take into account the dangers we all face while we are driving on a daily basis, such as traffic, poor weather, rushing for time, and routine road hazards.  Most drivers do a terrific job on the road. People who stay calm behind the wheel make better decisions and have a better chance at avoiding accidents. If you find yourself acting too aggressive, you may run into a serious problem and cause serious injury as well as other legal consequences.

Lets not fail to mention that insurers do not seek to give coverage to drivers who fail to use common sense. Driving is stressful enough, so drivers should not have to
deal with extra aggressive or rude behavior. Unfortunately, car insurance is not free, so make sure to keep a cool head and positive attitude while driving. This will help you get where you need to go safely without having to face anymore stressful scenarios.

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