Designate a sober driver this Cinco de Mayo

 This Sunday, May 5th is the Mexican celebration of Cinco de Mayo! From       in-home fiestas to Mexican restaurants, party-goers are just looking for a place to have some good food and good times! Cinco de Mayo has become a nationwide big night out for many, particularly young adults.  The night is filled with food, friends, dancing, and alcoholic drinks such as cervezas (beer)... Read Article

A Safer Prom Night

It’s soon to be the time of the year again for high school students.  Junior and Senior proms are right around the corner in most districts on Long Island. This time of the year is considered quite important to the typical high school teenager. This is the chance for them to participate in a formal outside school event with all of their friends. The event... Read Article

Pimped out rides

What is a particularly stressful situation for parents? One is when their children grow up and become drivers. The stress increases as their teenagers evolve from part-time drivers of their parents’ cars to full-time operators of their own vehicles.  If you are reading this and you are that parent, it is likely that you have already insured your young driver against injury or damage that... Read Article