March 19th, 2013 by VRP Insurance Agency

Under whose insurance are your grown up children covered?

Do you now consider your children as adults? Adult children may think that when a loss happens, their property will be covered by their mom or dad's homeowners or auto policy.  This is not always true and finding this out after a major loss can make the loss situation even worse.  A relative is only covered if he or she is a full-time resident of... Read Article

Keep the Luck in St. Patrick's Day

As you all already know, St. Patrick's Day is in just a few days…Sunday, March 17th.  This is one of the heaviest drinking holidays of the year. The beer will be flowing as freely as water and binge drinking becomes a pastime which will leave all drinkers impaired. Expect the roads to have a higher number of dangerous drivers. One thing that you need to... Read Article