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VRP Insurance Wants To Discuss Home And Underground Storage Tanks

From the early 90s to present years, there have been plenty of residential properties with underground storage tanks. Most tanks are used for storing oil used for heating while other residences may have tanks for storing gas. In some cases, properties have tanks that were left buried after a home was changed to a utility service. If a homeowner has an underground tank, they must... Read Article

Are Vacant and Unoccupied Homes covered under insurance?

First, there IS a difference between vacant and unoccupied homes. While unoccupancy is a temporary condition and an exception to a residence normally having occupants, vacancy generally represents the abandonment of a home. Both of these conditions may affect your coverage under a typical homeowner policy. In order to keep your coverage intact, t is important to understand the consequences of either condition. Generally, there... Read Article

Is Your Home Winter Ready?

If you are a homeowner that lives in a climate that includes cold winters, you know the challenges the cold season can create for you.  Without winter home readiness, minor to severe damage can occur to the home, causing unsafe situations for homeowners as well putting themselves into a financial hole.  In this reading, we discuss a few hazards that homeowners can encounter during the... Read Article

Is Your Business Concerned About Its Vulnerability to Utility Losses?

A commercial property insurance policy can be depended upon handling direct losses to a business property.  Although, what happens when mother nature acts up and causes consequential damage by knocking out utility services? Property could be harmed by heat-induced transformer breakdowns; or broken power lines, including compressors, motors and switches.  Equipment damage can also result in a power surge which may harm expensive equipment.  Commercial... Read Article

Why Would Commercial Property Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

Businesses from large manufacturers to small stores, rely on their equipment to maintain their every day operations.  No business can afford losses to their property.  Such losses may arise from mechanical, electrical, or pressure equipment.  This can be damage to items such as telephone systems, electrical systems, computers, copiers, production equipment, boilers, fired vessels, fired water heaters, unfired vessels, refrigeration units, air conditioning systems, compressors,... Read Article