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Equine Insurance

Mortality is usually an all-risks policy that will cover you if your horse should die as a result of an accident, illness, injury, humane destruction or in transport. This would also cover the animal if death is the result of a theft. All of our companies offer emergency colic surgery, which comes as part of the mortality with no charge. This would cover you if you did not have major medical and will act as additional coverage is the major medical is in place.

Major Medical:
You must have Mortality coverage before Major Medical can be added. This insurance covers the cost of medical and surgical procedures, including diagnostics as a result of an accident, illness, injury or disease. This coverage is not available to horses over the age of 15. Major Medical can vary from company to company so you must go over all the terms.

Liability Coverage:
These policies are meant to protect you if you are sued by a third party who is injured or whose property has been damaged. A third party is generally someone who is not a family member or employee. If you have employees they should be covered under Worker’s Compensation Insurance or Employer’s liability coverage. You want to also make sure that anyone doing work for your provides you with a certificate of insurance stating they have coverage in effect and the limits of their policy. Legal defense is part of this policy and you can get limits that will suit your needs.

Equine Commercial General Liability Coverage:
If you perform commercial equestrian activities such as training, breeding, buying and selling horses, instruction etc.

Most companies offer coverage for surgery only. This is available for older horses and usually does not have a deductible. The coverage is usually for $5000.

Loss of Use:
In the event the horse is permanently unable to perform his intended use as the result of an accident illness, injury or disease this coverage will pay a percentage of the insured value. Many companies differ in the percentage they are willing to pay. There are two types of loss of use. External which covers the horse in the event the horse is injured and can no longer perform. These would include trailer injury, kicks etc. Internal loss of use will cover you for any injury that incapacitates your horse. Some companies only offer External loss of use.