VRP Insurance Wants to Discuss Snowmobile Safety

Snowmobiling is a very popular sport that thousands and thousands of people enjoy during the cold winter months.  Despite the fun and excitement of snowmobiling, people should not forget the dangerous risks involved.  Snowmobiles are heavy, fast, vehicles that have the capability of causing collisions.  These collisions can cause severe injuries and damage to property.  There are models of snowmobiles out there that operate at speeds that compete with automobiles, or even other all-terrain vehicles.  The danger to the driver maneuvering the snowmobile is much higher than that of the driver of an automobile, because snowmobiles are open vehicles that lack the overall protection of even the smallest automobile.

The danger of being injured while operating snowmobiles is associated with some important factors.  For the most part, snowmobiles are operated over uneven terrain, with obstacles often in the way.  The persons operating the vehicle are usually not familiar with the trails.  A new learner or older operators, who have poorer reflexes, are attracted to this recreational sport, which is often done during the late night hours.  Driving a snowmobile is like driving any other vehicle.  It is important to think about the dangers of drinking and driving before operating a snowmobile, because this intensifies the many other dangers.  Alcohol can affect perception, reaction time, and response to unexpected situations.  Snowmobiling is no different from driving, as it requires alertness, caution, and attention.

Of course, there are many precautions one can take to help lower the chances of being in a snowmobile collision.  Snowmobile operators should:

Avoid operating a snowmobile alone – it is important to have another person around in case of an incident.

  • Promote the proper and safe use of the snowmobile.
  • Dress in appropriate clothing and safety gear.
  • Operate at appropriate speeds, taking weather conditions and terrain into consideration.
  • Do not drink alcohol while operating the vehicle.
  • Operate snowmobiles on marked trails, do not wander off of them.
  • Carry a first-aid kit, including emergency equipment such as tools, flashlights, compass, matches, etc.
  • Wherever possible, refrain from thin ice and open water.

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