Are you familiar with Wedding Insurance?

A wedding is one of the most important and personal events of a couples lifetime, as well as one of the most expensive. The average couple spends around $30,000 or more. It takes time, money and sacrifice to set up the wedding of your dreams and wedding insurance has become a necessary component in providing protection of a couple’s investment from circumstances beyond their control.

Wedding insurance can help to protect the money that is at stake for reasons such as if the event is postponed or cancelled. Protection can be purchased to cover unrecoverable expenses, as well as lawsuits if a wedding event does not go as planned.  Wedding insurance typically covers a wedding’s cancellation or delay that is caused by an eligible source of loss such as bad weather, a church where the wedding is to be held closes down due to smoke damage, or if the place where your reception is planned to be held suddenly closes down the day before the wedding.

Items covered by the policy are usually expenses that can’t be recovered, or in other words are non-refundable. Eligible expenses include the following:

·         Facility Rental (church, reception halls, etc.) Costs

·         Catering Costs

·         Clothing Rental Fees

·         Photographer and Videographer Fees

·         Hotel Costs

·         Transportation Costs (limos, taxi costs for transporting wedding party or guests incurred by insured or honoree)

·         Air Transportation

·         Other miscellaneous, non-refundable costs

Wedding couples are expected to carry personal liability insurance as well to protect their ceremony and reception sites against damage to property to a third party and bodily injury to guests. Without such coverage, you may be left vulnerable to expensive bills and/or lawsuits. A claim must be due to an incident that takes place at the wedding facility and/or reception. The coverage obligation includes a duty to legally defend the insured/honoree against claims.

There are a number of additional areas that can be covered. The options include:

·         Photographs and Video coverage

·         Gift Coverage

·         Jewelry Coverage

·         Rented Property Coverage

·         Wedding Attire Coverage

·       Honeymoon Coverage (wedding insurance packages include optional travel insurance for your honeymoon)

If you plan on having a wedding, you want to make every effort to ensure that all of your plans come together for the wedding of your dreams. Having wedding insurance will protect you financially in the event that your wedding goes unplanned.

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