Are you liable for summer fun?

Summer is just around the corner and when this time of the year begins, usually does many different recreational activities.  School will be out and parents will begin searching for leisure and recreational activities for their children to become involved in.  Activities can range from vacations and summer-long camps to simply purchasing new play and sports equipment or renewing membership at some sort of recreational club.

Parents must be aware that any activity can go wrong and accidents can happen.  The use of sports equipment such as tennis racquets, baseball bats, baseballs, horseshoes, and frisbees can potentially cause harm to others. The use of skateboards, bikes, mopeds, go-karts, and electric cars can cause danger as well.  Inviting friends over to use your driveway, play with equipment or go swimming in your pool are a larger concern. Liability can arise from you having fun at the expense of other persons or their property, or failing to take safe precautions for the persons you’ve invited to your residence or other places to enjoy themselves. 

How can you preserve your summer fun?  The easiest way to prepare for your summer liability is to ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What can I do keep persons safe when doing my activities?
  • Am I prepared to be responsible for people that get hurt or property that I damage?
  • How can I make my home and yard safe for visitors?
  • Am I keeping my guests safe when participating in events?

Unfortunately accidents happen, but many can be prevented by making sure that you and your children enjoy your fun responsibly.  This means that a family needs to properly and appropriately use games and equipment.  When allowing your children to have friends over,adult supervision is critical for potentially dangerous activities including jumping on the trampoline, swimming in the pool, and using motorized recreational equipment. In any instance, when inviting guests under your watch, you are responsible for their own safety.

Another way to prevent the chances of a liability issue is to have your home and yard inspected.  For instance, do you have a secure fence and locking gate to protect young children from the pool when you are not around? Is your playground equipment well-maintained  and strong enough to hold the weight of the children who are using it? Is your yard free of tripping hazards? Are dangerous tools and items put away out of reach of children?  If you can answer no to any of these questions, you are on the path of trouble.

When accidents happen, insurance plays a significant role.  Depending upon the severity of an accident, it may be followed by medical expenses or more seriously law suits. You need to be protected against such financial consequences.  An option may be for your to add coverage to your homeowner policy or buy special coverage for any recreational equipment such as bikes, mopeds, etc.

Make sure safety is part of your plan in getting ready for summer fun and speak with your insurance professional regarding different coverage options!

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