Pimped out rides

What is a particularly stressful situation for parents? One is when their children grow up and become drivers. The stress increases as their teenagers evolve from part-time drivers of their parents’ cars to full-time operators of their own vehicles.  If you are reading this and you are that parent, it is likely that you have already insured your young driver against injury or damage that he or she can potentially cause to other drivers or pedestrians. But are you sure that their car has the proper coverage?

Teenage driving years are the age of “pimped-out” vehicles. If you are a parent and are not familiar with this teenage commonly used term, it’s slang for cars that have been customized for a flashier look or better performance. Many new beginner and young drivers operate such “pimped-out” cars and it can have an affect on their coverage. If money is being spent on additional features added to a car, there will not be enough coverage to handle a significant loss.

“Pimped-out” cars may have a special paint job or could involve a complete makeover. Some features that can be added include:

  • custom hub caps (spinners or motorized caps)
  • flashy custom paint jobs
  • chromed parts and features (such as special tail pipes)
  • spoilers
  • window tinting
  • decorated dash boards
  • hydra-pumps
  • special hydraulic pumps or shock controls
  • body cut-outs (roofs, doors)
  • custom electronic sound systems
  • special navigation systems
  • DVDs, TV screens and computer equipment

Take a fresh look at your child’s “ride” and speak with an insurance professional to discuss “pimping out” their auto insurance coverage.

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