Wedding Season is Here!

Now is the start of many special celebrations between two people who are in love and are committed to continuing the rest of their lives together. Weddings can be one of the most exciting and entertaining occasions that people can attend and Spring and Summer is usually the most popular time.

As many of you may already know, it takes months and sometimes even over a year to plan the perfect wedding down to every last detail: the venue, photographer, videographer, flowers, invitations, a DJ or band, and the perfect dress. All except one important detail-wedding insurance. Most people are more aware about needing to protect their other financial investments such as a car or home.  Most couples never heard of wedding insurance or consider it an unnecessary expense. But is it really?

Consider the venue hall or church that you signed a contract with. It took you months of searching to find the right one. What if an emergency happened such as an electrical fire which forces them to close and it won’t be opened on your wedding day? Other things such as weather related emergencies or family illnesses can also force a couple to postpone their wedding.  Also, don’t forget the less big things such as the wedding attire or rings.  What if there was an accident with the attire or you misplaced your wedding rings? No one wants to think about all of the possible things that can happen to spoil, cancel or postpone a wedding, but the truth is that they do happen!  Wedding  insurance can cover these things and other situations.

If you are that person reading this who is about to soon jump into wedding planning, hopefully all of these things will have you thinking about how important and necessary wedding insurance really is! Don’t let lost rings, ruined attire, a lost deposit, or a closed venue location ruin your very special day!

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