National Employee Health and Fitness Day

Wednesday, May 15th is National Employee Health and Fitness Day, a national holiday that is dedicated to promoting physical activity in the workplace.   Maintaining good health and exercise is extremely important and not everyone understands how important health and exercise really is.  It is more than about just your physical wellbeing! Good health and exercise is beneficial for your state of mind, it increases your productivity and motivation, enhances one’s self-esteem, and more.  Today is the day to encourage your employees to take the right step towards a healthy life-style.

As an employee, here are some ideas for staying healthy at work:

  • Bring healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts
  • Bring water or a beverage with electrolytes to keep you hydrated throughout the day
  • Walk or bike to work if you live nearby
  • Walk during your lunch break with your colleagues
  • Choose healthy meals to bring to work
  • Fine time to de-stress in between!

As an employer, how can you promote this program?

  •  Sponsor a healthy breakfast or lunch
  • Leave a piece of fruit on an employees work desk
  • Host a fitness walk during lunch break
  • Encourage employees to hand deliver messages instead of delivering them electronically
  • Provide worksite health screenings

How can your business/company benefit from this?

  • Increased productivity among employees
  • Less employee absenteeism and sickness
  • Increased well-being among employees
  • Improved physical fitness and stamina
  • Reduced stress among employees

No matter what the business may be, employers and employees should make it a priority to help promote healthy activities and habits within the workplace.  Throw away that basket of chocolates and goodies that are high in fat and sugar in your office and replace it with a simple basket of mints or a healthy variety of nuts!

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