VRP Insurance wants to discuss Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practice Liability is an important coverage to seriously consider when you operate a business.  It is important that a business has policies that apply consistently to each of their employees.  The policies that apply must directly relate to that employees job.   Employers need to know what falls in the legal guidelines to terminate an employee.  You need to consider would the following being legal grounds to terminate an employee?

  • Employee who is discourteous to customers
  • Employee using foul and inappropriate language in front of customers.
  • Employee driver with a unfavorable driving record

This all depends on if an employee’s duties involve driving a company vehicle, directly work with customers and the actions of the employee.  Unfortunately there is not a simple answer regarding legal termination.  Business owners need to prove that such behavior fails to meet the assigned job description and standard.

Having a good legal counsel that specializes in this area of law would be ideal. You should familiarize yourself with the laws in your state as well.   Documentation of the employees job tasks should be recorded and reviews are recommended to be performed with your employees are considered to be smart employment practices. There is resourceful material an employer can obtain such as handbooks, publications and websites to become familiar with some of these laws.

The premium for this coverage varies and should be discussed with your broker.   Often companies providing this coverage will also assist you in procedure manuals, written policies for claims involving wrongful termination, discrimination and sexual harassment.  Research is important and should be considered before a situation occurs.

For additional information please check out an interesting article the principle of our agency Mr. Vincent R Pesce was quoted in regarding EPLI coverage in Long Island Business News : libn.com/2012/10/04/rise-in-epli-coverage-squashes-legal-fees/

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