Are you a lucky owner of a timeshare residence?

Are you a lucky owner of a timeshare residence? Then you may have a special insurance coverage need.  Yes, insurance is available for individually, owned seasonal or secondary residences, buildings, vacant land, or personal property. However, a timeshare residence may not be handled under the standard homeowner coverage.

Coverage gaps may exist because the typical timeshare arrangement involves:

  • more than one owner of real property
  • living units that are usually furnished with personal property that may be jointly owned
  • living units occupied by several individuals or families who have all the control of the property during their time of occupancy
  • special agreements that govern the property’s use

It is advised that you prepare your discussion before talking with an insurance agent regarding your coverage needs. First, collect all of your timeshare related paperwork, as well as the contract that describes your ownership interest and obligations in the property. Second, be open and willing to purchase more than one policy to cover jointly owned property or any personal property located at timeshare residence. Third, be reasonable with the other timeshares other owners about coordinating coverage. This will help make sure that all needs are met at the time that the coverage is purchased and later should coverage circumstances change. Fourth, be flexible!

Remember, never leave your qualified insurance agent with any unanswered questions! Ask for information to be fully explained, to be sure that your appropriately and affordably protected.

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