What proper protection should you have in the case of a severe storm?

Exotic and tropical islands are great places to spend ideal vacation time. The warm tropic winds, beaches, and crystal clear water attract tourism from all around the world. However, such locations are where tropical storms and hurricanes originate from.

Unfortunately, the warm temperatures and warm water are the only ingredients mother nature needs to cook up massive storms! This is what many people experience every year during the hurricane season. This is a period of time when a long parade of storms form across the Atlantic and Caribbean. The strength of the storm builds up and grows in size as it moves closer to land, property….and people!

One of the major questions people ask during this time is “what is the category of the storm?” The life cycle of a storm is categorized from 1 to 5. Storms may start from Normal Conditions, to Tropical Depression, to Tropical Storm, and then may eventually lead to a Hurricane. Many people do not take the lower category storms too seriously, however, a less powerful storm does not mean less danger! Even when dealing with the smallest storm, the size of storm surges and high wind speeds are always a major concern. Not only Hurricanes, but other storm categories can and will cause severe problems.

Hurricanes are known to travel hundreds or thousands of miles at a time. A slow-moving tropical storm or low category hurricane may not create wind damage, but may create wide-spread, substantial damage due to torrential rains. Massive amounts of water is capable of washing away all types of personal property, and even lives.

The aftermath of any categorical storm is an incredible challenge to rebuild. Flood insurance will give all individuals the proper protection they will need to make this challenge become possible. Huge storms will cause flooding, and having flood insurance will be the key to your recovery!

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