Do you need flood insurance?

Should you be considering flood insurance? If you own property that could be damaged or destroyed by water, then the answer is yes, you should most definitely consider it! The chances of your property being damaged by a flood primarily depends on where you live, how much flood warning you receive, the level of precautions you take and the precautions taken by your community. Floods tend to affect a wide range of areas, making the chances of flood loss higher than losses from disasters such as fires.

What is typical for many people to do is buy coverage that is offered by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  If your community does not participate in the program, private insurance companies will help you look into the coverage. Many people assume that flood insurance is only needed for those who live in “flood zones,” such as near beaches, bays or rivers. What you need to know is that wherever you live in the U.S., you live in a flood zone! Even the driest parts of the country are prone to flash floods. This means that properties located in hilly regions may be harmed by drainage; locations with snow can suffer from heavy snow thaw; and other areas can suffer flooding due to heavy rain seasons which soak and flood up the soil.

If you are thinking that the government will handles losses from a flood event, you are taking large risks:

  • flooded location may not be deemed a disaster area
  • being designated as a disaster area is not a bargain
  • disaster area status only gives citizens access to government disaster loans

IF you qualify for government assistance, you have replaced insurance protection with an obligation to pay off a large long-term loan. It is promised to you that you will find flood insurance to be a cheaper and more valuable alternative, so don’t leave yourself unprotected. Contact an insurance professional and become informed on the National Flood Insurance Program.

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