Beauticians and Barbers Professional Liability

Beauty salons offer a wide range of services such as hair styling, dressing, cosmetic application, perms, shampooing, tweezing/waxing, facials, trimming, bleaching and dyeing, manicures, and pedicures. Nowadays, salons offer even a wider range of services that involve high risks. Currently, salons offer an even wider array of services that cross into the area of medical and surgical procedures.  Such procedures involve higher level of risks. Operations may involve botox injection, liposuction, medispas, dermabrasion and laser treatments.

Serving customers can result in losses such as severe damage to hair or scalp injuries, burns, cuts, spinal or joint injuries, and scarring. These losses are not covered under a general liability policy. There is a separate policy for Barber and Beautician Professional Liability. Policies are not standardized, therefore protection may be different among different insurance companies. When filling out a particular company’s application and policy forms, be careful to read through fully to understand what services will be covered.

For a cosmetologist to be able to perform their job, they are required to carry a state license as well as proof of training and experience. Liability policies do require that ALL insured barbers and beautician professionals to maintain a valid license or certification. Typical coverage has to be related to the beauty or barbershop operation and it includes injuries to persons or to property. In addition, there IS coverage for any harm connected to the application of the beauty products that are bought from a shop or a salon. Coverage will NOT apply to products made BY the insured.

Barbers and Beautician professional liability forms do not protect against losses involving any form of plastic surgery, use of radiation or hair removal, body/facial/scalp massage, sun-tanning treatment, or piercing body parts. Coverage may be added for additional charges. Speak with your insurance professional and make you have the right coverage to avoid the chance of an ugly, uninsured loss.

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