National Employee Health and Fitness Day

Wednesday, May 15th is National Employee Health and Fitness Day, a national holiday that is dedicated to promoting physical activity in the workplace.   Maintaining good health and exercise is extremely important and not everyone understands how important health and exercise really is.  It is more than about just your physical wellbeing! Good health and exercise is beneficial for your state of mind, it increases... Read Article

Mother’s Day

What does your mother signify to you? A mother is someone who loves her children unconditionally and places the needs of her children before her own, on a personal level, and not only with her words but with her actions.  A mother is someone who can bring a child into this world, raise them, love, care and give comfort when their sick or hurt.  She... Read Article

Designate a sober driver this Cinco de Mayo

 This Sunday, May 5th is the Mexican celebration of Cinco de Mayo! From       in-home fiestas to Mexican restaurants, party-goers are just looking for a place to have some good food and good times! Cinco de Mayo has become a nationwide big night out for many, particularly young adults.  The night is filled with food, friends, dancing, and alcoholic drinks such as cervezas (beer)... Read Article

Keep the Luck in St. Patrick’s Day

As you all already know, St. Patrick’s Day is in just a few days…Sunday, March 17th.  This is one of the heaviest drinking holidays of the year. The beer will be flowing as freely as water and binge drinking becomes a pastime which will leave all drinkers impaired. Expect the roads to have a higher number of dangerous drivers. One thing that you need to... Read Article