Designate a sober driver this Cinco de Mayo

 This Sunday, May 5th is the Mexican celebration of Cinco de Mayo! From       in-home fiestas to Mexican restaurants, party-goers are just looking for a place to have some good food and good times! Cinco de Mayo has become a nationwide big night out for many, particularly young adults.  The night is filled with food, friends, dancing, and alcoholic drinks such as cervezas (beer) and margaritas.

Before Cinco de Mayo arrives, people need to be reminded of the consequences with drinking and driving. Alcohol will be consumed and unfortunately, too often the party ends with alcohol-related car crashes, injuries and fatalities due to the bad judgement of driving after drinking.  Those who plan on celebrating should be sure to designate their sober driver prior to beginning their festivities.

Have fun this Cinco de Mayo but prevent turning what is meant to be a fun celebration into a devastating and disastrous one. Remember buzzed driving IS drunk driving!

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