Crawl Space Drying

  Controlling water entry into buildings is a must-especially crawl spaces. Moist and wet crawl spaces create the growth of microbes, attract harmful insects and cause other types of property damage.  Water can enter crawl spaces through leaks, floods, or accidentally.    If this is the case, the water needs to be removed immediately and completely dried. Here are some helpful tips to prevent water... Read Article

Contractors or Cons?

Let’s say that your home has been destroyed by a storm, flood, fire, or other catastrophe. You have been running around trying to get your life back on track. What will be the next step you take? What will be your final decision? After any situation involving loss, life becomes pretty hectic and emotional.  At this point in time, a major concern for people is... Read Article

Do you need flood insurance?

Should you be considering flood insurance? If you own property that could be damaged or destroyed by water, then the answer is yes, you should most definitely consider it! The chances of your property being damaged by a flood primarily depends on where you live, how much flood warning you receive, the level of precautions you take and the precautions taken by your community. Floods... Read Article

What proper protection should you have in the case of a severe storm?

Exotic and tropical islands are great places to spend ideal vacation time. The warm tropic winds, beaches, and crystal clear water attract tourism from all around the world. However, such locations are where tropical storms and hurricanes originate from. Unfortunately, the warm temperatures and warm water are the only ingredients mother nature needs to cook up massive storms! This is what many people experience every... Read Article

How can you save water-damaged property?

When a property is facing water-damage, government officials, rescue teams and property specialists advise to take action quickly. Many types of personal property can be saved within 48 hours before more severe damage occurs. When dealing with flooded property, first and foremost make sure YOU are safe before trying to save your property. Floods can be severely dangerous as they can result in danger of... Read Article