Did you know your Long Island Insurance may not be enough to protect your home while you’re on vacation…

Did you know that pre-vacation home preparation can protect you in case of burglary or disaster?


Whether your skiing in the Alps or just a few towns over staying at a bed and breakfast for a nice weekend get away, there is always the concern of who is watching your empty house. Here are some tips for making your home less vulnerable so you won’t have to file a home insurance claim when you return…


If someone is not tending your house, everyday risks become a lot more worrisome.

  • Something as simple as a full mailbox or a dark house can be a green light for burglars.
  • A minor electrical fire could turn into a huge issue if no one is around to notice or call 911.
  • If someone, like a neighbor’s child get injured on your property, you are liable for it. Things like swimming pools are known as ‘attractive nuisances’;  In case you’re wondering what an attractive nuisance is, it is a legal term that indicates the liability home and landowners may face when a child trespasses and is injured by a hazard on your property.


Keep in mind, your insurance policy may not cover you if you’re away for a certain amount of days. If you are planning on taking a long trip, you may want to speak with your insurance agency about whether you will be covered or if you need to purchase special vacant-home insurance. 


Now that you’ve learned what could possibly happen to your home or on your property while you’re away, here rate some tips for preventing the worst:

  • Adjust the thermostat. The last thing you want to do is waste money on utilities while you’re not even home. However, make sure it’s an acceptable temperature for the climate you live in, you don’t want your pipes to freeze or heat to damage or destroy your belongings either. An acceptable temperature to keep your home at in cold climates would be no lower than 55 degrees or no higher than 85 degrees in warmer climates.
  • Protect your pipelines. If you’re going on a long trip, it’s a good and safe idea to shut off the water and drain the water lines. If this is not something you prefer to do, make sure you at least insulate the pipes and shut off the water to individual appliances. If you are not familiar with how to work your water lines, your best option is to call a plumber for assistance.
  • If you live in a area where storms are common, prepare your home for high winds and heavy rain. Make sure you secure windows and doors, also move all furniture away from windows and if you have overhanging branches, trim them!!
  •  Prepare for lightening as well! Most storms bring lightening, and that can do a lot of damage to appliances, so                                                            make sure you unplug them in order to prevent damage from power surges.

And finally, one of the most important tips we can give you…

Make your home look occupied. Whether you’re having someone stop by every once in a while during your vacation or you’re setting timers so that your lights turn on and off at different times of the day/night, the best way to dissuade burglars is to make is look like someone is home at some point each day. Another good way to make it look like someone is home is to either suspend your mail and newspaper delivery or ask a neighbor to collect your mail for you each day, this way there are like flashing signs say ’empty house’ to thefts.

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