4 Ways to protect your vehicle from theft…

In addition to threatening your personal safety, excessive vehicle theft in your neighborhood is just another factor taken into consideration when your insurance company sets you auto insurance rates for comprehensive coverage (which covers vehicle theft).

The National Insurance Crime Bureau, or NICB, recommends four procedures of protection from auto theft.

  1. Use common sense. Never leave your keys in the ignition when the car in unattended. Always lock your doors when exiting your vehicle and park in well lit and easily seen areas.
  2. Set up a warning device. Go the extra step in protecting your vehicle by installing an alarm or steering wheel lock, this way potential thieves will know that your vehicle is well protected.
  3. Install an immobilizing device. By installing a “kill switch” or a similar immobilizing device that will prevent your vehicle from starting and being stolen by theives.
  4. Have a tracking device installed. In the case that your vehicle does get stolen, using this technology, the police can track down and find your vehicle.

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